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16-year-old charged with murder of woman

BENTONG: A juvenile was charged with the murder of a woman early this month.
No plea was recorded from the 16-year-old from Johor.
The accused appeared calm and nodded his head to show that he understood the charge read out by a court interpreter.
He was said to have killed Qui Ling, 30, between 2.30pm and 4.35pm on Dec 3 at room number 5646, 5th floor, First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, near here.
The charge carries the mandatory death penalty, upon conviction.
Magistrate Nurliana Ismail fixed Jan 17 for the case to be re-mentioned.
DPP Atiqah Liyana Shahrir prosecuted while the accused was not represented.
Several family members who were in the courtroom were told to leave moments before the proceedings started.
Later, the accused was sent to the Marang prison in Terengganu while waiting for the new mention date to transfer the case.
If found guilty, the accused will not be sent to the gallows due to his age at the time of the crime.

Woman found dead in hotel
18 Oct 2006

BENTONG: A woman was found murdered in a hotel room in Genting Highlands on Monday — the second such incident involving women from China in the past month.

The latest victim, a 22-year-old, was found face down between two beds in a room on the 18th floor of the First World Hotel on Monday night. She had bruises on her face and was believed to have been strangled. There were no signs of a forced entry into the room and her valuables including her handbag, mobile phone and travel documents were intact.

Police are investigating the possibility that the victim could have been involved in vice activities and they are now tracking the man who was last seen going into the room with her.

Police have so far detained one suspect, a 52-year-old man from Negri Sembilan, under whose name the room was registered. They believe that he could have been her pimp.He was produced at the Bentong magistrate’s court yesterday where police obtained a 14-day remand order.

It is learnt that the victim and two other women from China were taken to the resort on Monday morning by the suspect. Several hours later the other two women tried to contact the victim and when they could not reach her, they contacted the suspect. The suspect checked the room about 11pm and found the woman. It is learnt that police have seized the tapes from several closed-circuit television cameras in the hotel to help in the investigations. They also recorded statements from the two women.

Resorts World Bhd public relations and communications senior vice-president Datuk Anthony Yeo confirmed that the body was found by the man who had earlier booked the room. On Sept 15, another Chinese woman, Hu Xin Yu, 27, was found murdered in the toilet of her room at the Hotel Classic Inn in Jalan Scott in Brickfields. Police arrested a 27-year-old man from Klang who was charged with her murder.


Some contributions from our readers:

Gerl_ho  Writes:

A groups of friends went Genting Highland and stay in the First World Hotel...
After having fun at Genting, they went back to the room at rest.
At mid night time...a guy who slept on the single bed , he heard that a women mumbling ...“ 我和你...心连心...背对背...我和你...心连心...背对背...我和你...心连心...背对 背...” ,the sadly and softly voice (with sound of heart beat) keep repeating in the whole night. He was scared by the voice and he felt sick on the next day...His friends think that something wrong for him, so they bring him to temple and pray.But on that day night....The guy still heard the voice keeping repeat all the night, and keep nearer and nearer...“ 我和你...心连心...背对背...”
The lastday on Genting....the guy heard the women voice's really near like beside his ears.....“ 我和你...心连心...背对背...” , He really crazy about it, he suddently flip the mattress up. And all his friends just have a big shock on what they saw.....
It's a girl dead body tied under the bed wooden stick with face down position...(like that those cleaner cant see the body when they clean th bed......) The body not really rotten...maybe the cold last....they report to the Genting managment...but they give them few thousands Ringgit each to shut theor mouth. This case just fully cover...until got ppl spread this news.
Lastly, do you know why the voice keep repeat“ 我和你...心连心...背对背...” ....????
Cos the position of the dead body is really just fix 心连心...背对背 to the ppl who sleep on bed.....This ghost is really clever...

Missing Level 21 in First World Hotel?

I believe in paranormal activities or the spiritual worlds. Therefore it sparked my curiosity when I found out that there was no level 21 at the First World Hotel that I stayed. The buttons on the lift skipped from level 20 to level 22. So where was level 21?

I asked a hotel staff but he confirmed that but he just smiled when I asked him why. So, did level 21 exist? One blog concluded that it was a “high administrative level” with “many security cameras” and “a warning at the staircase”. I didn’t believe that so I started my own investigation.

First, I took the lift counting from level 19 till 20, then level 20 till 22. I compared the time it took and it was took the same amount of time! So, level 21 did not exist at all? Another check at the second tower of First World Hotel, level 21 existed, but how come it was removed from the first tower?





Female Ghost in First World Hotel

Haslimah witnessed a ghastly apparition during her stay at First World Hotel in Genting Highlands.

Haslimah, a housewife, have booked 2 rooms at the hotel for 2 days and 3 nights for seven people. They spent the rest of the day at the arcade and the theme park. They then had dinner and Haslimah and her Indonesian maid, Nana, had just given her baby son a bath and were playing with him at the living room. The 3 year old boy was distracted and waved happily at something at the window of the living room. When Haslimah turned to look at the living room window she was totally dumbfounded and shock to see a woman looking at them from the outside window….on the 17th floor! Yeek! Haslimah’s maid, Nana, also saw the nightmarish scene and she was desperate and she futilely waving her arm with the baby’s feeding bottle to fend off the thing from the window. Haslimah saw that the ‘woman’ on the outside of the window, was actually floating in the air. The ‘woman’ had long black hair and her complexion was very pale, practically white as if someone with make-up on. The gusting wind and swirling fog and mist partially cover the outside terrifying scene.
Haslimah’s husband by now has seen the petrifying apparition hurriedly grabbed the baby and his wife. Whereas Haslimah’s old uncle quickly said the “azan” (prayers for Muslim followers) at the same time trying to hold back Haslimah’s aunty. Frightened by the prayers or by the commotion, the ghostly woman slowly floated away.
Haslimah and family member was so shocked by that episode that they left the lights on that they huddled together the rest of the night together. They checked out early next morning and vowed to never come back.

Who is Licking My Feet?? - as told by Shan Nair
Here’s my story of Genting Highlands. I am an insurance agent. My Insurance company would have conventions every year at any hotels in Malaysia. In the Year 2009, We (my company) held it at Genting Highlands . We were staying in First World Hotel during the convention. Me and my room mate Harun attended this convention and was enjoying every bit of it. The final event was a free for all where you can have as much of beer as you want and dance all night long. I had few mugs of Carlsberg to be honest more than my body could tolerate. I felt dizzy and extremely tired so I went back to my room leaving my room mate Harun in the crowd. Harun didn’t want to follow me to the room as he was enjoying himself with the party.We had our own separate key cards. I got to my room and dozed off. 
Roughly about 2 hours of sleep or so, I was awaken by a feeling of ‘ TOUCH’. I could feel somebody licking the soles of my feet. In fact, I could feel the tongue licking the entire soles of my feet. I got full control of my senses and tried to justify the thing that was happening to me at that time. I was asking myself 100 questions, what on earth is the thing that is licking my feet? I dare not look at the ‘ PERSON’. After about 20 minutes, I braved myself and slowly raised my body and look at the ‘PERSON’ who was still, LICKING THE SOLES OF MY FEET. I could see it very clearly, as one wall lamp was still on , and the room is not so dark.To my greatest surprise, I saw my room mate Harun licking the soles of my feet as if he was licking a very delicious ice cream. I stared at him, he stared at me too and still kept on licking my feet.
A few seconds later he smiled at me, and I smiled back at him. I didn’t know what to do, how to stop him or the next course of action. I was not in full control of myself, as I have said earlier I was a bit drunk. Suddenly, I heard someone opening my room door, this is the CLIMAX of my experience , HARUN came in and switched on the main light of our room. The HARUN who was LICKING THE SOLES OF MY FEET for more than an hour just VANISHED. I didn’t tell anyone about the incident until we reached our home. That particular day, I didn’t sleep at all. The alcohol that I consumed earlier diluted as fresh mineral water inside my body when I saw my room mate, THE REAL HARUN entering my room. This was my real life experience that I am sharing with everyone. I could not give any advice to anybody on how to be extra careful or whatsoever, if any of this THINGS happened to you, you are on your own. Either you play along unknowingly or just keep your eyes close and let those things just pass by you. There is no Wrong or Right in anything that you may have done at that particular time. Bye.

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