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Prince Palace Hotel Bangkok

Created on 01 September 2014. Posted in Blog

I’ve read about a story of a haunted hotel in Bangkok, submitted by a girl on this website. I have my own experience so i’m gonna share it with you guys. Well, this think happened two years ago when ...

Elisa Lam’s in Haunted Hotel Cecil

Created on 18 February 2013. Posted in Blog

... chilling summary of the Hotel Cecil’s spooky history detailed in a post at “The Memories Project” blog and accompanied by some personal anecdotes about sinister experiences at the hotel. Today they released ...

MISSING: William Yao Zhen Zhong

Created on 21 January 2013. Posted in Blog

... Yao Kok Kang, comb the area daily trying to locate him. Thus far, there have been no news of his whereabouts. "The National Urgent Response (NUR) Alert has also been activated in our efforts to locate ...

Dr. Richard Teo's inspiring video goes viral

Created on 29 October 2012. Posted in Blog

... From young, I was told by the media... and people around me that happiness is about sucess. And that success is about being wealthy," he shared in a voice made hoarse by rounds of chemo. In the grainy ...

S'porean banker becomes half-paralysed after neck massage

Created on 29 October 2012. Posted in Blog

... bolt from the blue." As he was not in condition to be moved, he could not return home immediately for treatment. Mr Lin was sent to a hospital in Hong Kong and hospitalised for about two weeks until ...

Vythiri Resort

Created on 23 October 2012. Posted in Trip Advisor

The Vythiri Resort Situated about two and a half hours from Karnataka border, the Vythiri resort is a hidden gem and is popular Karnataka Tourism spot. It's a beautiful eco friendly forest vacation right ...

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Created on 17 October 2012. Posted in Haunted

... bath... And when I turn over.. I saw a dark shadow figure size of a child squatting on top of the basin... I pretend not to see it and carry on bathing.. After dat nite.. The next day I ask my fren about ...

Asia Hotel Bangkok

Created on 17 October 2012. Posted in Haunted

... ok as i dont wish to spoil the feeling or scare my friend as we will be out shopping almost the whole day so i dont quite bother about it. When we finished the 1st day shopping and went back to the hotel ...

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Created on 10 October 2012. Posted in Trip Advisor

About Marina Bay Marina Bay area in Singapore is a new district built on reclaimed land and located on the south side of the Singapore River. The reason way it's called the Marina Bay is rather ...

Australian stabbed in heart in Phuket bag-snatch tragedy

Created on 14 August 2012. Posted in Blog

... to her arm after she was slashed by the attacker and was taken to a Phuket hospital. Advertisement The women were walking near their hotel complex in Kata Noi Bay, on Phuket's west coast, about 10.30pm ...

First Hotel Bangkok Hauntings

Created on 14 August 2012. Posted in Haunted

... guests received injuries trying to jump from windows or rooftops, according to police and fire officials. About 400 people were in the nine-story First Hotel when the fire broke out before dawn this ...

Resorts in Maldives

Created on 14 August 2012. Posted in Blog

...  ONE & ONLY REETHI RAH: Still the top dog of the Maldives resorts, Reethi Rah is all about grand style and attracts a glitzy, jet-set crowd for whom money is no object. On one of the biggest islands ...

Entire family contracts STD from a Shanghai hotel

Created on 06 July 2012. Posted in News

... in people aged 18-28 years. There are more than 200 types of HPV that can infect human skin. About 40 of these infect the skin of the genital area, e.g. the penis, vagina, or anus. I had a very ...

Child friendly resorts in Asia

Created on 05 July 2012. Posted in Trip Advisor

... to 341 properties culled from a list of resorts and our advisory board of travel experts to see what they offered. About 170 semi-finalists received a 129-question follow-up survey about the activities, ...

Can't find Olympic accommodation? Stay in a taxi hotel

Created on 04 July 2012. Posted in Blog

... locations during their stay - such as going to sleep outside the Olympic Stadium or the London Eye - wherever it is legal to park a taxi. Those worried about whether they will get a good night's sleep ...

2012 Summer Activities at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Created on 11 June 2012. Posted in Blog

... on my list for this summer. Snorkeling and learning about sea life are just a few of the activities that I hope to attend with my kids. Follow the links for contact information, additional activities, ...

Video: Lacey Buchanan Shows Off Blind Baby Despite Insults

Created on 11 May 2012. Posted in Blog

A mother, who gave birth to a son with a severe cleft palate that also took his eyes, has made a video -- see it below -- about her beloved boy. In it, she shows pictures and signs that outline their struggle ...